Wine Drinking Team Names 2019

Wine Drinking Team Names

You’ve probably heard that Wine Drinking is good for you, but maybe you’ve also heard that you shouldn’t be drinking too much. How can anything so delightful be good for you? Well, the science says we should crack open a bottle of pinot—and who are we to argue with science? Here are all of the healthy reasons to pick up a bottle of the good stuff.

Check out our complete list of Wine Drinking Team Names.


  • Wine Wigs
  • Red Water
  • The Cabern- Eight
  • The Rabbit’s Hopping And We’re Drinking
  • Wine Knot?
  • The Cork Dorks
  • Purple Smiles, Inc
  • Merlot & Martinis
  • We’re Drinking Wine, Not Flying Bravo
  • Pinot Gallery
  • Club Femmes
  • Rare Meat and Wine
  • Eight Great Women and a Case of Bad Wine
  • Just Wine, No Strings Attached
  • Sitting On a Nice Merlot, So Pour Me Something Different
  • The Vagina Winologues
  • Wine Vinager
  • 7 hot women who drink wine
  • Time For a Little Red
  • The Cabernet Connection
  • Whiners & Winers Inc.
  • We Want Wine, Not a Bloody Mary
  • Emptying Out And Re-Filling
  • Women Waiting to Wish for Wine Wisdom
  • Closed for Business, But Open for Wine
  • Eight Great Women and Some Wine Just in Case
  • Hating Life, But Loving Wine
  • The Magnificent Seven and Their Hostess
  • We Need Wine, Period!
  • Wood Red Drink
  • Having Company Over
  • Sippermen
  • Eight Great Gals Who Can Gulp
  • It’s That Time of the Month
  • Women With Wine Wisdom
  • Wine Whores
  • Women Wishing for Wine Wisdom
  • All for Wine and Wine for All
  • The Wine Eightpreciators Society
  • Sippers & Drippers
  • Onanphiles
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, And He Brought Wine
  • Club Quaff
  • Men Are From Mars so Women Drink Wine
  • Winey Chicks
  • Not Pregnant, So Pour Me Some Wine
  • Winers Take All
  • 8 Sophisticated Ladies
  • Eight Great Women and a Case of Good Wine

Most wine is made with grapes, but they’re not like the ones you find in the grocery store. Wine grapes (latin name: Vitis vinifera) are smaller, sweeter, have thick skins, and contain seeds. There are over 1,300 wine grape varieties used in commercial production but only about 100 of these varieties make up 75% of the world’s vineyards.


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