The Ultimate Guide to Facial Oils for Dry Skin


facial oils for dry skin
I was surfin’ the net reading about facial oils and I noticed that there were no good articles written about using facial oils for dry skin, so I decided to write one!
I started using facial oils just over a year ago and I love them! I find them to be much nicer to use then moisturizers and lotions – as long as I am using the right oil for my skin type, facial oils help keep my skin looking plumper, brighter and healthier.
Facial oils are particularly great for dry skin because they help lock in moisture and protect from harsh and drying environments.

What is a Facial Oil?

A facial oil is, simply put, a plant-based oil that you use on your face to repair and hydrate.
Facial oils are all the rage these days, and for good reason, they are intensely nourishing, contain abundant antioxidants and can be used on all skin types.
Many woman are afraid to use oils, thinking oils will make them break out, but if you choose an oil suited for your skin type, oils can radically enhance your skin.
Some examples of oils commonly used on the face are: Argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil.
Every plant oil is going to have skin benefits, there is no “best” oil, only better oils for your skin type. Nature has provided us with an array of amazing plant oils to use.
Your preference will be based on an oils weight and texture, some oils are heavier and more rich and some lighter and more “dry”. Seed oils are exceptional at penetrating the skin and won’t leave a greasy coating.

Why Use a Facial Oil?

Facial oils can add some extra oomph to your skin care. If you find your moisturizer just isn’t giving you enough hydration, try adding a facial oil to your routine.
Facial Oils Are Great Because They:amala rejuvenate treatment oil review

  • lock in moisture and protect from the environment
  • deliver nutrients into the skin
  • are ultra-healing, they repair and regenerate the skin
  • are high in natural antioxidants
  • protect the skin’s acid mantle
  • maintain the skin’s lipid barrier
  • carry active ingredients into the lower levels of the epidermis

Plant oils contain essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are crucial in the proper functioning of our skin, they help our skin replenish and maintain hydration.
Our bodies do not make essential fatty acids, they must be brought in from the outside. Facial oils are a great way to deliver these essential fatty acids where they can do their work.
The top layer of our skin is made up of dead skin cells held together by oils (lipids). When oils are applied topically to the skin, they absorb into the top layers of the epidermis, where they get straight to work at enhancing the lipid barrier function.
Lipid barrier damage occurs every day from extreme temperatures, low-humidity, and just plain living. If we want to maintain a healthy lipid barrier, we need to continuously add lipids to the skin.

Facial oil vs Moisturizerlaurel antioxidant serum color review

This is a big debate – facial oil or moisturizer? Here is my take:
I have read differing views on whether an oil can replace your moisturizer. I have read that you still need a moisturizer (an emulsion of oil and water), because our skin needs both oil AND water, not just oil.
On the other hand, I have read that oils can be nourishing enough and you no longer need a moisturizer. I think it depends on your skins hydration needs and the type of oil you are using.
I prefer oils over moisturizers because they have a longer shelf life, they don’t need preservatives and they are pure, plant-based products.
Because moisturizers contain water, they must have preservatives in them to keep them from spoiling. These are usually unnatural preservatives and not something I want on my face.
Also, moisturizers often contain waxes. The wax forms an occlusive layer on the skin and holds moisture in, but it has a downside. Waxes build up and clog pores, the wax can prevent the oil (the component that actually benefits the skin) in our moisturizer from penetrating and going to where it can have an effect.
I say, try ditching your moisturizer for a week and see how your skin reacts to just using an oil.
I personally use an oil instead of a moisturizer, but I don’t deal with dry skin (I have acne-prone skin). You may find that an oil is sufficient, or you may find that it isn’t enough. A helpful tip is to apply your oil to a damp face – this will lock in some water.

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How to use Facial Oils for Dry Skin

  1. Apply the facial oil after you have cleansed, toned and used your serum.
  2. Add the oil (3- 4 drops) to your moisturizer and apply OR apply your moisturizer first, then add a layer of facial oil (3- 4 drops) over your moisturizer – this will provide a protective barrier to keep your moisturizer from evaporating.
  3. If you want to skip using a moisturizer and just use an oil, use the oil over damp skin, to lock in moisture.

Oils for Dry Skin

As I said above, all plant oils will benefit the skin, but some are better suited for people suffering from dry skin.
Oils high in oleic acid will be best for those suffering from dry, thirsty skin. Oleic acid is a fatty acid and is very moisturizing and regenerating.

Here are some high oleic acid-content oils that are great for dry skin:

1. Avocado Oil: rich in vitamin E, a potent antioxidant. This is a rich, nourishing oil.
2. Argan Oil: Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores). An excellent skin care oil that is anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. It is a dryer oil and may not provide enough nourishment for extremely dry skin. Click Here to learn more about Argan oil.
3. Camellia Seed Oil: super antioxidant and brilliant moisturizer. It is fast absorbing and penetrates deeply.

4. Marula Oil: With almost 80% of the fatty acid composition as oleic acid, marula oil is deeply hydrating. Click here to learn more about Marula oil.
5. Macadamia Nut Oil: Closely resembles our skins own sebum, it contains one of the highest sources of  Palmitoleic Acid, a fatty acid that reduces cellular aging.
6. Olive Oil: Works exceptionally well for people with dry skin, this oil is high in fatty acids and nutrients.
7. Pomegranate Seed Oil: High in antioxidants, it is healing and protective. Click Here to learn more about Pomegranate oil.
8. Prickly Pear Seed Oil: Richer in texture and weight than argan oil, this oil restores elasticity, reduces fine lines and softens the skin. Click Here to learn more about Prickly Pear oil.

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Tell me, what is your favorite facial oil?

Yours In Beauty,
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