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Looking to get your hands on the ultimate, nourishing facial moisturizer? Those of us who struggle with dry skin are always on the hunt for hydration. It is difficult to sift through all the product claims and find what truly works. What I am going to provide is education on what our skin needs to actually achieve real hydration and moisture that will stay locked in, nourishing and healing the skin.
I will also be recommending the best moisturizer for dry skin. You might be surprized with my pick, but I assure you that you will find relief and your skin will genuinely start to heal and become properly hydrated.

Why Does Our Skin Get Dry?

Everyone’s skin is a little different, but what we all share in common is the air and environment around us. Some to more or less extremes. Our skin dries very easily due to environmental stresses. The cold air, the hot heat, pretty much both ends of the spectrum can dry our skin out.
Because we are continually challenging our skin, it does need some help from us. The functions of the skin try their best to keep hydration locked in, but often times we have tipped over the edge for a fair battle and the skin simply cannot compete.
We may also be experiencing dry skin from products that we are currently using. Yes it is true, products that are suppose to be hydrating our skin can sometimes do the opposite. That is why we have to look at the ingredients of our skin care. Some synthetics added to skin care can dramatically dry the skin. As well, if your skin care products have alcohol be sure to avoid that too. The most important thing you can do in treating dry skin is to choose proper ingredients.

What ingredients do you need to help dry skin?

The most effective and most nourishing ingredients for the skin come derived from nuts and seeds. The oils extracted from nuts and seeds contain the highest source of moisturizing properties like omega 3 fatty acids, rich proteins, vitamins, and an abundance of antioxidants. Everything the skin is screaming for, we can get from plants and nature.
The most hydrating oils for the skin are: (Click on the highlighted ingredient to learn more about that amazing oils benefits.)

  • Pomegranate Seed Oil: This oil is very high in antioxidants helping the skin fight free radicals that are Pomegranet skin benefitsresponsible for aging skin. Pomegranate seed oil contains punicic acid and omega 5 that hydrates the skin and prevents moisture loss. It it deeply absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.
  • Rose hip Seed Oil: Rosehip seed oil has been extensively studied for many of the same actions attributed to Retin-A. It has been shown to be effective without the side effects such as drying and peeling.
  • Prickely Pear Seed Oil: An oil that many of us have not heard about, but is amazing for hydration. Prickly Pear contains the most Vitamin E of any beauty oil on the market (150 % more than Argan oil), and the highest percentage of unsaturated fatty acids (88 %) – making it an incredibly powerful oil for skin health.
  • Argan Oil: Argan oil contains oleic and linoleic acid (omega-9 fatty acids) in a balanced ratio. Oleic acid gives the oil richness, it penetrates and moisturizes the skin, balances sebum production and is anti-inflammatory. Linoleic acid is light and fast absorbing, helps with cell regeneration and heals the skin barrier.prickly pear cactus
  • Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil provides lasting hydration. Loaded with essential fatty acids, this oil will help heal and nourish the skin. Jojoba oil is a liquid wax ester, although it acts like an oil. It has many benefits and is considered to be the closest liquid to our own natural sebum produced by the skin.
  • Avocado Oil: Avocado oil contains humectancy. This compound is the reason why avocado oil penetrates deeper into your skin, as compared to other oils. As a result, dry skin stays moisturized for longer periods of time, giving you healthy, softer skin.
  • Marula Oil: Protects against environmental aggressors, boosts cellular activity, reverses photodamage, and hydrates at the deepest levels of the skin.

This list of ingredients can be a guide to help you achieve proper hydration from your skin care products. Be sure you look at your ingredients and find that one, or more of these ingredients are listed. However, be cautious that your ingredient list does not include harsh synthetics or toxins [Read 15 Toxins in Your Personal Care Products]

Using a Facial Oil vs a Moisturizer

Facial oils are much more beneficial than a traditional moisturizer. Moisturizers require added ingredients to help preserve them because of the water content they need to stay fresh. Facial oils do not require added ingredients for this purpose.
You tend to get ingredients in your moisturizer that you do not need for the skin, applying a layer that can prevent deep absorption of the beneficial ingredients. Facial oils can penetrate through the multiple layers of skin because of the smaller molecular structure. Providing a much more hydrating effect.

What we want to achieve from our Product:

  • Long lasting hydration
  • Fast absorbing, leaving no residue
  • Providing a moisture barrier and protection of the skin
  • Nourishment for all layers of the skin including cellular hydration
  • Supple and plump skin
  • Complete reduction of flaked or cracked skin
  • Only contains natural, organic ingredients
  • No alcohol or unnecessary additives.
  • Does not leave a layer of product preventing beneficial ingredients from being absorbed

All of these attributes can be achieved using a blend of facial oils. Oils are the best product to use for hydration in treating dry skin.

What is the Ultimate Product For Dry Skin?

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil is a blend of some of the most hydrating oils, including Jojoba oil and Rosehip Seed oil. This formula has full spectrum Vitamin E that absorbs deep into the skin, and will not clog pores. I love that this product is a multi purpose product, great for the hair and skin. Most of us who struggle with dry skin also struggle with dry scalp and hair.

Watch the video the get the full experience of this oil, and why it is the best for your dry skin.

As you can see this oil has amazing skin healing benefits that will correct and treat your dry skin, providing much more than just hydrated skin. Your skin will continue to soften, plump, smooth and refine itself to a polished complexion.

  • Promotes soft and supple skin
  • Powerful anti-aging treatment
  • Visibly improves skin elasticity
  • Deeply moisturizing & anti-inflammatory
  • Lightweight and fast-absorbing serum
  • Balances oil production



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We hope that you have found the best information to help you combat and reverse your dry skin. I know with my product recommendation you will be accelerated on the path to supple and hydrated skin. You will not struggle anymore. I feel confident I have delivered you success 🙂
Dr. Alkaitis award winning Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil is a deeply moisturizing treatment that rejuvenates and improves skin elasticity.
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