Why A Korean Skincare Regimen Might Be Your Anti-Aging Answer


Every woman wants to look younger! But the question is, what skin care routine actually works for anti-aging? Most of us know that we need to develop a consistent skin care routine, but it’s hard to know where to start. The skin care section of most drug stores is loaded with products in all different price ranges, and some of them can be really expensive! How do you know what actually works?
Korean Skin Care Regimen for Anti-Aging
One of the most popular skin care routines among both celebrities and beauty bloggers is a Korean skincare routine. The Korean skincare philosophy revolves around an intensive 10 step regimen that producing amazing results for anti-aging and improving the appearance of skin in general.
Although ten steps may sound crazy to some, a Korean skincare routine can be customized by adding or taking away steps depending on your needs. You absolutely do not need to do every step each day to achieve noticeable results.

Let’s take a look at each step of a Korean Skincare Regimen in detail:

korean skin care routine

Steps One and Two: The Double Cleanse:

If you pay any attention to the latest skin care trends, you have probably already heard about the amazing results of double cleansing. Korean beauty experts teach that you should use gentle, non-foaming cleansers on aging skin.
Start with an oil-based cleanser to break down sunscreen, makeup, and oil on the skin. Follow it up with a water-based cleanser that won’t strip the skin but will complete the cleansing process by removing any remaining residue. This step should be done twice a day. If you want to streamline your routine, you can skip the oil cleanser in the morning.

Step Three: Toner

Forget everything you know about the harsh, drying, alcohol-based toners of the past. Korean skincare routines incorporate gentle toners that are made from time-tested natural ingredients. For example, rosewater is often included to reduce redness and improve hydration.
There’s a big focus on natural ingredients that exfoliate while hydrating the skin at the same time and there are formulations for every skin type, including aging skin. Toners are applied with your fingertips or a cotton pad in the morning and evening after cleansing.

Step Four: Essences

This step is unique to Korean skincare. Essences are formulated to add moisture back into the skin that has been lost during the cleansing and toning steps. Not only that, they are formulated to add plumpness to the skin, so they are fantastic for anyone who’s interested in anti-aging. Essences are applied in the morning and evening after your toning step.
korean 10 step skin care routine

Step Five: Serums and Ampoules

Here’s where you can really customize your routine to get the most anti-aging impact. These super concentrated formulas contain active ingredients to add moisture, fade hyperpigmentation, and firm skin, all while reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
It’s common for Korean women to use more than one treatment, depending on how their skin looks and feels that day. When layering your treatments, start with the thinnest formulas first and work up to the thicker ones for maximum absorption. Apply them in the morning and evening after your essence.

Step Six: Moisturizer for the Face and Eyes

When your primary goal is anti-aging, using a separate eye and face moisturizer can really pay off. The skin around the eye area shows age first, so Korean skincare brands focus on eye cream formulas that are formulated to plump and hydrate this delicate area with targeted ingredients for things like puffiness, dark circles, and those telltale fine lines.
An all over face moisturizer is vital for sealing in moisture and all those active ingredients you applied in the previous steps. They are also formulated with additional nutrients that can boost anti-aging effects. Moisturizing is done in the morning and at night, and often a heavier moisturizer is chosen for the evening.

Step Seven: Sunscreen

Everyone should be using sunscreen every day, and it is especially critical in an anti-aging routine. You can use a separate sunscreen product or choose a moisturizer or foundation that has SPF built in to save some time in the morning, but don’t skip this step.

Step Eight: Exfoliators

Exfoliators are very important in an anti-aging routine because they increase cell turnover and expose the younger, smoother skin underneath. You only need to do this step a couple times a week, and you can do it in the morning or evening. Korean beauty brands focus on gentle exfoliators made from fruit and botanical extracts that are perfect for aging skin.
korean skin care regimen - sheet mask

Steps Nine and Ten: Sheet Masks and Sleep Masks

Although you can use masks every day, you can save them for times when you really want your skin to look its best. Masks are formulated with targeted active ingredients to help you customize your routine based on the needs of your skin on any given day.

So, what ingredients should you be looking for in an anti-aging Korean skincare routine?

One of the most amazing things about Korean skincare is the way that time-tested ingredients are blended with modern technologies. Korean beauty brands focus on natural, gentle solutions for anti-aging. Here are some common ingredients found in Korean skincare that have been shown to provide dramatic and noticeable anti-aging benefits.
1. Snail Mucin: Diminishes the appearance of scars and hyperpigmentation, hydrates, prevents fine lines and wrinkles
2. Ginseng: Boosts collagen production, brightens, reduces the appearance of wrinkles
3. Peptides: Boost collagen production
4. Niacinamide: Brightens and reduces hyperpigmentation; improves elasticity
5. Hyaluronic acid: Pulls moisture out of the air for intense hydration
6. Coconut oil: Intensely moisturizing and rich in vitamins and Omega-3s to nurture aging skin
7. Marine collagen: Plumps the skin for a more youthful look
No matter what steps and products you choose, the key to a successful anti-aging skin care regimen is consistency. If your primary goal is smoother, younger looking skin, you must commit yourself to follow your Korean skincare regimen every day. When you customize your regimen to target your anti-aging concerns, visible results will be apparent very quickly!
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