4 Best Hair And Makeup Ideas That Will Shake You Up


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If you are looking to refresh your hair and makeup, you have arrived to the right place. We have gathered four of the best hair and makeup ideas, guaranteed to shake you up and fill you with inspiration. By trying out our suggestions, it is certain that you will impress everyone with your look. Discover how you can go from simple to inspired, with electrifying lipstick shades, bold haircuts, and unique hair colors. And, remember, you are only as young as you feel.

#1 Highlights

With summer having just started, it is only normal you should be on the lookout for new hair ideas. Highlights are making a comeback this year, helping you look more amazing than ever. By choosing to add highlights to your hair, you will obtain a beautiful appearance, as if you were kissed by the sun. This year, it seems that caramel highlights are the most popular, suiting each and every hair shade. You can decide how obvious you want your highlights to be, going from subtle to obvious and even eye-catching.
Keep in mind that highlights can be applied to hairstyles of various lengths, so you do not have to worry about your hair not being long enough. Moreover, these highlights are not as aggressive on the hair as regular dyes, so you should not worry about the health of your hair. After you apply the highlights, you can opt for the braided hairstyle as this will look quite beautiful with the caramel blend.

#2 Bleached blonde with pink hues

If you want to make a positive impression with your youthful appearance, you should consider going blonde. The bleached blonde color is in style right now, especially in women who prefer short haircuts. For those of you who want to impress others with their playful attitude, adding some pink hues to the bleached blonde represents a very nice idea.
Platinum blonde is one of the most popular hair colors out there, dating since the age of Romans and Greeks. This color looks amazing on asymmetrical haircuts, giving out the impression of a daring appearance. In general, the bleached blonde color works best with those who have either a pink or a peach complexion. Do not be afraid to add the pink hues to your hair, as it will only make you look even more beautiful.

#3 Chestnut-colored lipstick

Chestnut is an interesting color, without any doubt, being somewhere between regular brown and the lighter tan. Even though you might not imagine this being a suitable shade for your lips, it is perfect, especially if you are all about obtaining a vintage look. The chestnut-lipstick is quite powerful on its own, so you do not need to add too much makeup on the rest of your face. You can make it even more interesting by using the best lip plumper out there. This will bring out the color, even more, making your mouth the focal point of attention.  Interestingly enough, you can create this unique shade of lipstick, by mixing the following colors: orange, yellow, brown and red. [See our fav chestnut lipstick here]

#4 Cobalt liner

A quick look on the fashion runways this year will reveal that liner is one of the most popular makeup products out there. However, it seems that the ever-popular black has fallen off the list, being replaced by cobalt and other shades of blue. Chromographic pencils are in style right now, and they help you achieve the perfect blue lines around your eyes. Both the top and the bottom eyelash line should be traced with the cobalt liner so that the final effect is electrifying. For an added zing, you can apply a little bit of cobalt-colored creamy eyeshadow to the roots of your eyelashes. This will bring out your eyes and provide the definition, which is quite desirable with any makeup you are using. [See our fav cobalt liner here and our fav cobalt eyeshadow here]
Keep in mind that hair and makeup trends change on a regular basis, so you need to check out fashion articles, celebs and other sources of inspiration, to maintain your amazing look.

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