10 Perfect Organic Skincare Christmas Gift Ideas


10 organic skin care Christmas gift ideas
Organic skincare has blossomed in recent years as people have become more aware that the quality of the ingredients they put on their skin has a direct result with its health and appearance. Organic skincare is the perfect gift for the women (and potentially men) on your Christmas list this year.
There’s a common belief that organic means expensive, but buying an organic skincare gift doesn’t have to break the bank- the products in this list start at under $10. Of course, if you would like to indulge that special someone, we’ve included some great organic skincare products that are over $100. If they’re not already a fan of organic skincare, these products will convert them.

Organic Skincare Christmas Gift Ideas

Under $25

Whamisa Organic Hydrogel Mask

Whamisa Organic Hydrogel Mask– $7.50

Need something for a Chinese gift exchange? Something cheap, but that you can also be proud of? Look no further, this Hydrogel Mask is perfect. The mask has all five-star reviews on Credo, an online clean beauty market, and is one of their most popular lower-priced items.
The mask comes in three different varieties- you can choose between Flowers & Aloe Vera, Fruits & Tomato, or Seeds & Rice. All of the masks are organic and leave skin feeling hydrated, supple and glowing.

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Herbivore Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar

Herbivore Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar– $12.00

Herbivore’s Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar is another good budget-friendly organic skincare gift option. This soap is ideal for oily, combination and acne-prone skin care types. This gift is tending right now, due to the fact that it contains charcoal, which is renowned for its ability to draw out impurities and toxins. In addition to charcoal, this soap also contains Bergamot essential oil for balancing oil production and coconut and olive oil for cleansing and hydration.

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brown and coconut Kale Mask

Brown & Coconut Kale Mask– $22.00

This mask is loaded with powerhouse botanicals. Even the most stubborn blemishes don’t stand a chance against this mask. The French green clay, thyme, neem, and lemon verbena draw out and erase impurities from the skin, while the kale works to repair and moisturize the skin. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, but strong enough to keep it looking radiant. Use once a week to keep skin blemish-free and glowing.

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Under $50

Osea Sea Mineral Mist

Osea Sea Mineral Mist– $38.00

This mineral mist is perfect for almost any woman on your Christmas list- whether they have an extensive skin care routine or not. This is a simple daily use mist that helps to invigorate the skin and brighten it.
Even the most low-maintenance woman will find pleasure in a quick spritz or two of this spray before running out the door in the morning, but if your friend has an extensive skin care routine, the mist works well to rebalance the skin after using a toner. If your friend loves makeup, the mist is also perfect for setting mineral makeup and powder. It also helps calm sunburns. There are so many potential uses.

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odacite jojoba beads exfoliant

Odacite Jojoba Beads Exfoliant– $45.00

Nobody likes having large pores. Do you know someone who stands in front of the mirror slowly picking apart all of the blemishes on her face? This organic skin care Christmas gift is for her.
After just one application, this Jojoba Beads Exfoliant will minimize the appearance of pores and it will give her softer, brighter skin. Moreover, this exfoliant prepares skin to better absorb all of the benefits of other skin care products. This product is gentle enough for sensitive skin but is highly effective. Buy it while you can because it sells out frequently.

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Under $100

Osmia Organics Active Gel Face Toner

Osmia Organics Active Gel Toner– $58.00

This active gel toner is the perfect addition to your friend’s skincare routine. The toner is enhanced with natural botanicals such as Rose of Jericho, White Tea, Aloe, and Oat Beta Glucan. It provides a soothing layer of moisture and uses Hyaluronic Acid to maintain intracellular water throughout the skin.
It’s intended to be used in the middle of your skin care routine (after cleansing and before moisturizing), but many people have found it works great on its own making it a great stand-alone organic skincare Christmas gift.

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dr alkaitis night cream

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Night Crème– $72.00

Dr. Alkaitis is one of the most reputable and well-known high-end organic skincare brands. If you have a friend who’s obsessed with organic skincare, anything from Dr. Alkaitis is a good option. The night cream, in particular, has proven to be a crowd favorite.
The cream is highly effective in restoring skins natural radiance, moisturizing, and diminishing the appearance of pores and fine lines all while you sleep at night. Give your friend the gift of being able to sleep peacefully knowing that her skin is being cared for.

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may lindstrom honey mud review

May Lindstrom The Honey Mud– $90.00

The May Lindstrom skin care brand is a personal favorite. Lindstrom personally tests and develops each of her products and she travels the world to make sure each of the ingredients are the best quality available. This skincare line is truly made with love. The purpose of the line is to help women form a skin care ‘ritual’ that restores not only their skin but their spirits as well.
This Honey Mud is one of the line’s most popular products. It features raw honey, white halloysite clay, silver, and aromatic plant oils. It’s a crowd favorite. Indulge your friend with this silken, pudding-like treat.

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Under $150

mahalo rare indigo beauty balm

MAHALO The RARE INDIGO Beauty Balm– $110.00

Give your friend the gift of premium organic skincare and the gift of tropical Hawaii. Don’t worry about buying plane tickets and booking a hotel room because this MAHALO Beauty Balm packs a whole lot of Hawaii into one little container.
This beauty balm contains the rare extract of the Hawaiian indigo plant, which has potent skin-renewing qualities. Allow your friend to be embraced by the sweat night-air aromas of refined florals. Let them indulge their skin and pamper their spirit with this sensual and calming balm.

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organic skin care christmas gift ideas

Goop Discovery Set– $125.00

Goop is the wildly popular skincare brand by Juice Beauty. The likelihood is that your organic skincare loving friend has heard of this brand, but not allowed herself the extravagance of indulging in it. Trust us, she wants to. Grant her wish by giving her this discovery set!.
The set includes the all of Goop’s most popular products: Revitalizing Day Moisturizer, Enriching Face Oil, Replenishing Night Cream, and Exfoliating Instant Facial. Essentially everything she needs to revitalize her skincare routine. This organic skincare Christmas gift is good for all skin types, including aging skin.

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There you have it! 10 organic skincare gifts that are sure to please. What is on your wish list?
This article was written by Kelly Foulk:
Kelly Foulk is a holistic lifestyle and wellness expert. She transitioned to natural and organic beauty over half a decade ago and since then she’s helped many others make the transition as well. Kelly previously was the owner organic hair care brand Ethos Hair Care. When she’s not sharing her knowledge of organic beauty, you’ll find her practicing yoga or meditation.

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